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2015 Asian Travel Consumer Report CH,IN,SG,HK,MY,KR,TW,JP

2015 Asian Travel Consumer Report | Published September 2015

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ABOUT THIS REPORT Driven by income growth, the Asian Millennials’ expenditure on international travel is expected to increase by 1.6 times to US$340 billion by 2020. Southeast Asia’s dynamic economies, powered by a rising middle class, are strengthening in and outbound travel throughout the region. This report is based on findings from the Affluent Insights™ Luxury Travel Surveys:
  • Fielded online in May/June 2015.
  • Covers eight Asian markets: China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia South Korea, Taiwan, Japan.
  • Over 2,900 respondents (350+/market). All respondents defined as affluent with annual household incomes as per the table on the right, and have traveled in the past 12 months.
 Countries Affluent Definition (HHI/a)
China CNY 180,000+
India INR 12,00,000+
Singapore SGD 100,000+
Hong Kong HKD 720,000+
Malaysia MYR 100,000+
South Korea KRW 78 million+
Taiwan TWD 960,000+
Japan JPY 10 million+
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2015 Asian Travel Consumer Report CH,IN,SG,HK,MY,KR,TW,JP
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