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Hong Kong: Luxury Report

Affluent Insights 2017-2018 | Published December 2017

In This Report...

We will be looking at purchasing behaviour, motivations, media channels and brand preferences of the highly affluent consumers when it comes to purchasing premium and luxury products and services.

Affluent Hong Kong consumers are becoming more sophisticated about luxury. They are not only looking at the material value and price of the luxury products / services. They would like to indulge themselves with the enjoyment and the quality life from the luxury shopping experience.


Affluent Insights™ 2017-18 Luxury Study covers premium brands across the following categories:

  • 105 Fashion & Accessories brands
  • 81 Watch brands
  • 66 Jewelry brands
  • 82 Travel & Leisure brands
  • 54 Skincare brands
  • 84 Alcohol brands

Brand selection: For past purchase/ownership and future purchase plan questions, we have selected brands that are well-known luxury brands and/or are part of the competitive set of our subscribers’ brands. For brand image questions, we include subscriber brands, as well as, a sub-set of high-end luxury brands that have shown to be the most popular in our research.

Do Hong Kongers spend as much on luxury goods at home as the incoming Mainland Chinese travellers?

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Hong Kong: Luxury Report
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