FEATURED JingDaily: What Do ‘Buddha Youth’ Buyers Mean to Luxury Brands?
September 28, 2018 News

Are some free-spending Chinese consumers becoming a little less materialistic? Researchers and trend watchers have noticed a shift in luxury shopping behaviors and attitude, especially among a younger demographic who may not be quite as willing to splash their cash on high-end products as they once

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Affluent Generation Z in China
September 10, 2018 Media Releases News

With high-spending Millennials a key source of growth for brands in China, some forward looking brands have started to look at the up-and-coming crop of young people close on the heels of millennials – Generation Z. The sheer number of nicknames that have been

Luxury Daily: Chinese Gen Zers have unique approach to luxury
September 4, 2018 Media Releases News

While luxury brands continue to court Chinese millennials, the nation's Generation Z population is coming of age with their own set of tastes and priorities that retailers and marketers need to keep in mind.

FEATURED LuxurySociety: A Look at Vietnam’s Affluent
July 30, 2018 Media Releases News

The country‘s retail industry has already experienced double-digit growth in the most recent years. New shopping establishments are popping up, and new players are entering the market. In the past decade, Vietnam’s economy has undergone significant positive shifts.

FEATURED LuxuryDaily: Chinese leisure travelers expanding their global reach: report
July 20, 2018 Media Releases News

Chinese millennials' evolving travel priorities are influencing the way older generations look at leisure trips, as Chinese tourists are spending more money and visiting farther destinations than in the past. The "2018 Chinese International Travel Monitor" by Hotels.com finds that Chinese tourists

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