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The Affluent Suite™ is a system of tools and processes developed by our research scientists to deeply understand the motivations of the Affluent consumer when buying luxury and non-luxury items. The Affluent Suite™ is aimed at uncovering potential levers that can be utilized to create meaningful bonds and profitable relationships between the brand and the Affluent.

Affluent Path


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Affluent Wishlist™ identifies what premium categories are on the shopping list of the Affluent in the next 6-12 months.

With Affluent Wishlist™, premium players will have the foresight into what the Affluent are planning to buy in the next 6-12 months.

Measured every six months, the Affluent Wishlist™ will give premium brand managers and retailers a chance to forecast demand across time and plan their marketing campaigns more effectively.

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Affluent Engage™ identifies what kinds of media-channels and messaging platforms are most consulted by the Affluent when deciding to buy specific luxury items.

With Affluent Engage™, luxury players and premium brands will be able to understand what kinds of media-channels should be used, not just in creating awareness, but also in informing and inspiring customers towards choosing one brand over another.
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Measured against the six dimensions of luxury, the Affluent Brand Impact™ measures how a brand stacks up against its competition in the category.

The Affluent Brand Impact™ can also identify a brands area of strengths on the six dimensions of luxury

Pedigree-Price Equilibrium
Self-and-Brand Identification
Premiumness and Exclusivity
Celebration of the Self
Social Acceptability
Conspicuous Individuality

Each dimension provides premium and luxury brands an opportunity to take action to strengthen their competitiveness.
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The Affluent Shopping Experience™ objectively assesses the impact of the retail environment and the shopping experiences of the Affluent on their path to a purchase.

The Shopping Experience provides brand strategists, retail planners, and customer-service champions an objective, holistic measure of the Affluent Consumers’ experience while shopping.
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The Affluent Brand Experience™ assesses the satisfaction of the Affluent on their luxury purchases, especially in the areas of customer-support and service.

The Affluent Brand Experience™ is grounded on the philosophy that the ultimate experience of a brand happens after he/she has unwrapped his/her purchases.

The Affluent Brand Experience™ seeks to understand the post-purchase experience of the consumers and which aspects of their experiences will lead to brand loyalty, endorsement, and ambassadorship.
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Affluent Advocacy™ tracks the sentiments of the Affluent shopper’s likelihood to talk positively of the brand and their experiences.
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Affluent Loyalty™ identifies the high-value, highly-loyal customers of a brand through bespoke analytics using existing customer databases of clients.

Affluent Loyalty™ helps clients focus their marketing investments by identifying these highly-loyal, high-value and profitable segments of customers and deeply understanding their motivations, needs and desires.
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Agility Affluent Field™ underpins the Agility Affluent Suite™. In essence, the Agility Affluent Field™ empowers premium and luxury brands access to the elusive Affluent so they can be engaged with more deeply.

Agility Affluent Field™ is Agility Research & Strategy’s proprietary panel of Affluent respondents across different parts of Asia and the world. With the Agility Affluent Field™, we are able to access respondents who have:

  • With more than USD1 Million in assets under management (AUM)
  • Premium and luxury cars
  • Premiere and private banking accounts
  • High-end fashion and accessories
  • High-end collectibles, such as art and timepieces
  • Multiple real-estate properties

Within Agility Affluent Field™ are bespoke tools and methodologies that are best positioned to get the Affluent to respond in a qualitative or quantitative survey.


Understanding what today’s consumers talk about your brand, category and competitors online on different social media platforms, forums, blogs, and review sites is crucial component in building a leading brand. We can monitor and filter out the relevant online conversations, posts, and reviews to your brand from all major social media platforms and countless websites and forums.


We provide social media monitoring that is comprehensive in coverage (e.g., includes major Chinese social media platforms and language support) and fully customizable to your brand’s needs, whether it is for a quick check into the social media footprint and buzz for your brand, category, or competitors, or a continuous social media tracking program, or measuring the success of a social media campaign.



We bring our research alive by harvesting rich and in-depth insights from our global pool of affluent consumers through different qualitative techniques, such as:

  • Focus Group Discussions (FGD)
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDI)
  • Ethnography
  • Online Bulletin Boards

While online and quantitative techniques work well with research on the affluent consumers, when facilitating a conversation with High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals, we conduct research on one-on-one basis often meeting the consumers at their convenience, at a venue of their choosing.

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We have a network of industry experts and key opinion leaders (KOL) who we reach out to for their valuable insights and inputs. These individuals are often in a front row seat to observe consumer trends and industry developments, and these insights are incorporated into our reports to help build a holistic understanding of market dynamics across luxury, travel, marketing and hospitality categories.


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A team of experienced data scientists can help with your needs for specialized projects requiring advanced analytics. Analytic Studies we conduct include:

  • Trade-off-Analytics
  • Media-Mix Modeling
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Prediction Analytics
  • Churn & Recommendation Engine Analytics

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At AFFLUENTIAL™ we have developed an annual subscription service, the Affluent Insights series, designed to understand and track the consumption patterns, digital media usage, and brand preferences of the Affluent consumer. Through this Insights Report Series, clients are able to see how their brand by category is performing against the competition through our Brand Indexes.

Our Analysts regularly track Affluent, HNWI and UHNWI consumers across key markets. This year we tracked the following markets:


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We also cover other markets which can be added upon request; these include countries such as USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

We interview 300 (600 in China) affluent individuals per market with minimum annual household incomes as indicated in the following table, including 100 (300 in China) interviews among millionaires (or HNWIs, with USD 1 million or more in investable assets).

The Research Product Categories

Affluent Insights focuses on luxury products, and covers premium brands across the following categories:

  • Fashion Clothing & Accessories
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Skincare
  • Alcohol
  • Hotels/Travel
  • Financial Services

Other categories can be included upon request

What is included in the subscription?

The insights engine provides 24/7 on-demand access to key analyses from our reports with the capability to filter and create nets by Market, Age, Gender, Income, and Category. The engine gives you the ability to get detailed insights on different target consumer segments of interest through-out the year.Please refer to Insights Engine section of this website for more information on the Insights Engine platform.

Our market specific reports (in PDF) deep dive into the DNA of the Affluent consumer. These rich reports include 70+ charts and tables, along with commentary, and part of the content is trended to 2015 and 2016 findings in key markets.Please refer to the Reports section of this website for more information on report content.

Exclusive invitations to private, lunch/ breakfast sessions held quarterly in destinations such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Here we share our latest findings on affluent luxury consumers and the latest luxury themes with leaders across a variety of luxury brands.

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Do you prefer to conduct your own analysis and are interested in the rich data sets we gather on Affluent and High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) consumers across markets?

We regularly carry out surveys in Asia and across the World as part of capturing the pulse on the Affluent Consumer. We can provide data sets from these surveys through our Affluent Insights Syndicated research offering for you to analyse with your own tools. Our data is available on a market by market basis and can be delivered in a format that fits your needs. Please contact our consultants for more details.

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Our proprietary Affluential™ Luxury Consumer Segmentation helps brands carry out targeted marketing on the affluent consumer through deeper understanding and analysis. Based on our extensive research and knowledge on the affluent consumer we have identified four distinct affluent consumer segments based on their behaviour and psychographic attitudes in relation to purchasing luxury products from different categories:

  • The Exclusivity Seeker
  • The Indulgent Traveler
  • The Virtual Shopper
  • The Luxury Bargain Hunter

The ability to focus on groups of consumers who are homogeneous in their thinking and behaviour gives brands the power to customize and deliver more relevant product offerings. Fine tuning messaging and communication to this target segment results in more successful campaigns and higher conversion rates. The segmentation approach was validated in conjunction with the Agility Affluent Insights study conducted by our team, administered online among 1,500 (equally distributed) affluent respondents in 5 countries – China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the US.

Please contact our consultants for more comprehensive profile of each segment explaining their attitudes, psychographics, demographics, purchasing behaviour, motivation and details on how to apply the AFFLUENTIAL™ Segmentation to your research.

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