2020 Affluent Asian Segments

Affluent consumers are distinctly different. Our deep insights into these consumers over the last 10 years have helped us come up with a unique Agility View on the Affluent Asian Consumer in 2020. Yes, that magic number is just around the corner and we are already working with brands on their strategies for this milestone year. Even though the wealthy share a lot of common traits, it is equally true that they choose and buy for different reasons and motivations. Consumers have become individualistic such that increasingly marketing strategies need to be tailored effectively to fit the intended message to the right audience.

To help in understanding these underlying differences in behaviour and psychology of the Asian Affluent consumer, we at Agility uncovered 4 main segment profiles derived from a larger study of over 3,000 affluent consumers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea from our 2019 Affluent Insights Study

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