2021, When Brands Sink, Float or Soar

2021 marks the 6th anniversary of our TrendLens™ study, a unique solution we initially launched to track the pulse of the ever evolving affluent and HNW consumer, first of its kind in Asia and now across key and emerging global markets, including Greater China, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, USA, UK, France, UAE  and many more.

Highly subscribed by leading luxury groups such as Diageo, LVMH, Richemont, L’Oréal, and many others across the premium and luxury space, our sixth year edition will be even more packed with insights and data to help brands win in the marketplace.

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TrendLens™ insights have helped premium and luxury brands better understand, reach and serve this coveted segment. Going beyond merely their shopping behaviour, travel needs and brands preferences, the study instead tries to understand deeper motivations and triggers when buying “luxury” and delves into their mindset and outlook.

Each year we are excited to map out where the luxury consumer is headed and what has become more, or less, important and interesting for them. We know that this is not a static segment, but a dynamic and ever evolving one. Luxury brands who do not follow the evolution of this segment do so at their peril.

This year some of the topics we want to investigate are:

  • Will China deliver as the only growing market for luxury or will there be a slowdown in Q3/Q4?
  • If International travel remains restricted, where will affluent and HNW consumers travel and shop?
  • Will the mindset change brought by the Covid-19 drive sustainability and sustainable brands to the forefront?
  • Is “luxury” going to be more understated or will there be a bounce-back of the excesses of the past driven by a desire to forget about the virus?
  • Finally, will Asian, and Chinese in particular, luxury brands take off, if consumers travel less and become prouder of their accomplishments during Covid-19?
Click here to download the full program prospectus, which includes 2 waves of quantitative data, Q1 2021 and Q3 2021, insights on a quarterly basis, webinars and roundtable invitations and much more.

Early subscribers can add up to 3 customized questions relevant to their business and take advantage of early bird rates this week!

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Amrita Banta
Managing Director
Agility Research & Strategy

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