Now Available: 2016 Affluent Insights™ – The Pulse of the Asian Traveller

We are Fluent on the Affluent™

The Affluent Insights™ Subscription Service is an annual program aimed at uncovering the trends, consumption patterns, brand preferences, and detailed insights of the affluent and mass affluent leisure and business travellers in key Asian markets. The program is also a tool for picking up emerging consumer trends, helping address key questions and pain points brands and marketers face today.

The subscription service comprises of four offerings:

  1. Affluent Asian Travel Consumer Reports
  2. Semi-annual Roundtables with Senior Executives from the Luxury Travel World
  3. Custom Tabulations of Data
  4. Brainstorming Sessions with Agility Experts


The subscription includes a report covering all subscribed markets.  Luxury product categories covered in each market (with # of brands):

  • Hotels (49)
  • Cruise Lines (21)
  • Airlines (42)
  • Travel (45 destinations)
  • Fashion Clothing/Accessories (94)
  • Watches (82)
  • Jewellery (38)
  • Skincare (53)
  • Makeup (50)
  • Alcohol (65)

Markets included (content partially trended): China, India, Singapore, HK, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan. Other markets are available upon request. n=300 affluent travellers (approx. top-20% of population based on household income) in each market (at least n=100 in each market are past-12/next-12-month cruise travellers/intenders) Affluent definitions are as follows: g_1

Key analytics in the reports include:

Luxury Brand Index Shows how luxury brands are meeting consumer expectations. Luxury Brand Media Reach Indicates how noticeable luxury brands are in relevant media. Luxury Consumer Segmentation Key luxury consumer segments based on purchase behaviour and motivations towards luxury brands. Other analysis topics include:

  • Luxury Travel Purchase Motivators
  • Most Recent Trip (influencers on booking, travel class, destination, activities)
  • What they’re looking from next trip?
  • Interest in Travel Experiences
  • Travel & Luxury Category Brand Buying
  • Luxury Category Share of Wallet
  • Category Media Touchpoints
  • Evolving Travel Preferences/needs
  • Affluent Travel Consumer Profiles
  • Hobbies and Interests


A set of tabulations of the data for all basic analysis included in the report with custom cuts (up to 20 banners points),


A brainstorming session where we walk you through the insights from the latest data release findings to see how your brand can best make use of them. Held in your or our premises in Singapore or HK.


Affluent Insights Subscription Service has three service levels:
Affluent Insights (PLUS)

  • 1 Affluent Asian Travel Consumer Report

Affluent Insights (PREMIUM)

  • 1 Affluent Asian Travel Consumer Report
  • 1 Invitation to Semi-annual Travel Leader Roundtables
  • 1 Custom Tabulation (per market)

Affluent Insights ( PRESTIGE )

  • 1 Affluent Asian Travel Consumer Report
  • 2 Invitation to Semi-annual Travel Leader Roundtables
  • 2 Custom Tabulation (per market)
  • 1 Brainstorming Sessions or speaking engagement (We have spoken at key events with ILTM, Robb Report, Eye for Travel, INYT (Travel & Luxury Summit), and Luxury Society)

We look forward to collaborating with you in discovering the world of Affluent Asian travellers. Contact us at

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