Agility Launches ‘Affluent Consumer’ Platform

Singapore agency Agility Research & Strategy has launched a do-it-yourself online survey platform giving marketers access to more than seventeen million affluent and luxury goods consumers in thirteen markets around the world.

Agility Launches ‘Affluent Consumer’ PlatformLaunched in 2011 by former Harris Interactive managers Amrita Banta and Asha Choksi, Agility focuses on research across Asia using online and digital data collection tools. Its new panel platform, which can be filtered using income levels by country, offers access to a segment Agility describes as the ‘Influential Affluent’, who answer surveys in return for rewards, cash and charity donations.

Initial funding for the development of the platform was led by Singapore government agency SPRING Singapore. Says Banta: ‘Affluential is a platform that brings marketers, consultants and anyone who wants to gain insights to these affluent consumers, quick, easy access through a range of customized surveys in an easy to use DIY format.’

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