Agility launches research tool for affluent consumers

Research firm Agility Research & Strategy has launched a “do-it-yourself” online research platform. This platform, called Affluential, will survey affluent and luxury consumers, providing marketers’ access to affluent consumers around the world.

“The motivation behind launching this platform was the frequent questions we had from clients for quick, fast and affordable research on these audiences,” Amrita Banta, MD of Agility Research & Strategy said.

Banta added that while typical research briefs can be lengthy and costly for clients, brands and marketers tapping on these consumers to gain insights needs to be quick and accurate, with rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

“We have extensive global panels of these consumers that are filtered and quality controlled regularly to ensure we segment by income levels. This ensures we get truly affluent consumers who part with their time to answer surveys in return for rewards, cash and donations to their charities,” Banta said.

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