Deep-Dive into the HNW & UHNW Customers Financial Behaviour – AFFLUENTIAL™ WEALTH REPORT 2020/2021

The wealthy around the World seem to be getting wealthier. Stock markets have seen a V shaped recovery and erased all losses from the start of the year. In light of the changing environment and global landscape we are pleased to announce the launch of the AFFLUENTIAL™ WEALTH REPORT 2020/2021, designed to study how the financial behaviour of the HNW & UHNW individuals across key Asian and global markets has changed post Covid-19.

Our teams have completed interviews with over 3,600 HNWIs and UHNWIs across key markets in August 2020. Key insights from the AFFLUENTIAL™ WEALTH REPORT 2020/2021 will provide wealth management, banks, insurance, credit cards and other financial brands data and insights on wealthy individuals and how has wealth evolved during this pandemic.

To know more please download the prospectus here or contact to set up a conversation with one of our consultants across our offices. 

We look forward to helping you navigate through these volatile times with the right information to arm your decision making,

Our Recent Events And Updates

  • We will be presenting the latest insights on Affluent Asian Consumers Across China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia at Luxury Daily’s Future of Luxury eConference on the 24th of September. Please click here to register. Please check here to find out more.
  • Last month, we had a full capacity attendance from brands around the world at the Global Wellness Summit‘s Wellness Master Class. Our Managing director Amrita Banta shared the difference of Chinese and American affluent consumers on how they adapt the health and wellness lifestyles to the new normal, where our data and insights from interviews with thousands of global affluent and HNW consumers.
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