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China, HK, Taiwan: Affluent Insights Report 2014

Affluent Insights 2014 | Published December 2014

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The main drivers of growing consumer demand in this region are the Affluent Asians. While much has been speculated about the attractiveness of their consumption patterns, there is a lot to be learnt about this consumer base.

In response to the many questions marketers and brands have about this hard to reach and discerning customer base, we at Agility have designed an annual program – The Agility Affluent Insights series that aims to understand the target’s consumption patterns and brand preferences, and provide detailed insights on the Affluent Asian consumer.

  • The Agility Affluent Insights 2014 was conducted online among 771 affluent respondents in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • The respondents were representative of the online population in terms of age and gender, aged 18-59 years old.

Our definition of the affluent consumer is as follows:

Country Affluent Definition
China CNY 180,000 and above
Hong Kong HKD 720,000 and above
Taiwan NT$ 960,000 and above


For this latest report in the Agility Affluent Insights series, we are covering the following key topics:

  • Affluent Brand Awareness™ - luxury brand awareness by category
  • Affluent Brand Impact™ - what luxury brands are actually being bought
  • Affluent Brand Wishlist™ - luxury brands on shopping lists of the affluent

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China, HK, Taiwan: Affluent Insights Report 2014
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