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Singapore: E-commerce Shopper Report 2014

Affluent Insights 2014 | Published December 2014

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By 2015, Singaporean e-shoppers will purchase an estimated S$4.4 billion worth of goods and services or 132 % growth from 2012.

Online and mobile shopping for luxury goods has exploded in Singapore thanks to the following factors:

Fast-growing penetration of Internet-enabled smartphones

E-retailers’ offer of lower prices, greater convenience, and broader selections compared to physical stores

  • The Agility Affluent Insights 2014 was conducted online among 100 affluent e-commerce shoppers in Singapore.
  • The respondents were representative of the online population in terms of age and gender, aged 18-59 years old.


Value adds: In-depth data on seven categories and excel tables covering more than 250 luxury and premium brands

  1. The Affluent in Asia
  2. What does luxury mean to Affluent Asians?
  3. Study methodology details and Affluent definitions
  4. 360 Degree Approach to Understand the USA’s eCommerce Shoppers
    1. Demographic profile
    2. Financial profile
    3. Psychographic profile
    4. Leisure profile
    5. Favorite online & offline shopping destinations
    6. Media/channels of interest
    7. Brands owned
  5. Major Wins for Marketers and Brands
    1. Whom to target?
    2. What do consumers value?
    3. Which channels to go for?
    4. Where the visibility should be enhanced?
    5. Accessing Singapore’s Affluent e-commerce Shoppers
  • The Affluent Brand Purchase™ summarizes how a brand stands against its competition among the Affluent against the actual purchase in the last 12months
  • The Affluent Wishlist™ forecasts the Affluent demand for premium and luxury items.
  • With Affluent Engage™, brand executives and marketing strategists can identify which media-channels & entertainment platforms the Affluent find most inspiring and informative when deciding which brand to buy.
  • Affluent Advocacy™ identifies how online buzz affect their brand choices – and how they contribute to the online buzz,

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Singapore: E-commerce Shopper Report 2014
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