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Japan: Asian Travel Consumer Report 2016

Affluent Insights 2016 | Published May 2016

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  • In a recent report by CNBC, Credit Suisse ranked Japan in 3rd place for most millionaires in the world. With 2.1 million millionaires in the country, it is no doubt that the affluent market in Japan holds huge purchasing power.
  • With traditional views and mindset, many wealthy Japanese do not have the same spending habits as their Asian counterparts. It has been said that “in Japan you may live right next door to a millionaire and not know it because his house looks just like yours”.*
  • Thus, in order to better understand this market, it is key to have very good and detailed insights into the consumption habits of these Affluent consumers. Being able to learn and position the right products to this market segment


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Japan: Asian Travel Consumer Report 2016
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