Introducing the new AFFLUENTIAL™ DATAVAULT™

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new AFFLUENTIAL™ DATAVAULT™ platform. We have invested heavily in upgrading our technology capabilities in response to growing demand for our data and insights in a hyper competitive market environment.DATAVAULT™ replaces and augments the capabilities of our current Insights Engine bringing to you a completely new and more advanced way to interact with our reports and data.
 To register to the platform for free and explore an interactive edition of our Monitor Newsletter, please reach out to us at
DATAVAULT™ offers a superior user experience, new functionalities to browse our publications, saving the findings and deep diving into our charts and data. We wanted to build something that could support the way our data provides insights for your decision-making and make your work easier, faster and better. We are adopting email best practices, but there is a chance that after the registration, the welcome email may land into your spam folder, please check there too. Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you need any support in completing the registration.The AFFLUENTIAL™ analyst team has been working hard in curating the best insights and data from across categories and markets in one portal for all your data and intelligence needs.

We look forward to providing you ongoing cutting-edge data and insights to support your decision making.


To learn more about the new DataVault, enter your details below:


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