New York Times International Luxury Conference

New York Times International Luxury Conference

Hosted and moderated by New York Times fashion director, Vanessa Friedman, and award-winning New York Times journalists, the International Luxury Conference addresses the most critical challenges — and unexpected opportunities — in today’s luxury battlefield.

Rigorous analysis and lively cross-border debate among top C.E.O.s, prestigious economists, technology mavericks, entertainment and sports icons, and artists will provide crucial insights, fresh ideas and new strategies for winning the hearts and minds of luxury consumers.

​To participate in this unprecedented event — where you will join interactive sessions led by global experts, dine in the spectacular Chateau de Versailles and connect with luxury influencers from around the world

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Being a sponsor of The New York Times International Luxury Conference allows us to be part of one of the leading industry events that has shaped the luxury agenda over the last 15 years. The Times works meticulously with sponsors to integrate them into the conference, in a way that augments the delegates’ experience and advances each sponsor’s goals. The Times can deliver on a wide variety of goals – thought leadership, V.I.P. client treatment, generating media interest (via print, online, social), introductions to individual delegates, showcasing products and designs, branding, use of conference content or content generation, media relations or other objectives.

Watch this space for more…

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