Affluent Reach & LuxeTalk

Our Luxury Community

Affluent consumers are influencers and influential in all parts of brand decision making. We specialize in reaching out to the mass affluent, affluent, and high net-worth consumers. We define these as:

5 million USD and above Assets Under Management (AUM)
1 million USD and above Assets Under Management (AUM)
Top 25% Annual Household Income in their respective country
Top 40% Annual Household Income in their respective country

The preferred mode of research for High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) respondents is face-to-face and one-to-one engagements, while online and other quantitative methodologies can be used for the broader affluent population. For studies that require a full spectrum of different affluence levels we utilize a mix of our LuxeTalk community members (see details below) and online panelists.


LuxeTalk is an exclusive luxury market research community for individuals interested in sharing their thoughts on various products and services. We engage our community members in conversations about luxury and high-end brands, products, and services which they are passionate about, and reach out to them for online and face-to-face research projects for our client brands.

The community members represent the consumers who are in the top segment in their country, based on income or financial assets. These consumers are influencers in all parts of brand decision making, and given their purchasing power, they cannot be ignored by marketers.




We identify and recruit our community members using luxury events, publishers, credit card and frequent flyer top tier programs, country clubs, CEO organisation, and partnering with financial services and travel companies. Referrals from existing members is also key component of our recruitment process.


Our community members go through rigorous quality control measures to ensures we screen, recruit and maintain the right profile of respondents for you.

All our community members undergo email verification, duplicity check and digital fingerprinting at the time of registration.


Affluent consumers want to be heard and love to closely interact with luxury/affluent brands of their choice. They get invitations to exclusive events hosted by luxury brands and earn rewards in form of cash payments, charitable donations for each research project in which they participate. We limit the number of research projects any member takes part in a calendar year.

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