AFFLUENTIAL™ Data Repository

Affluential Suite DATAVAULT

DATAVAULT™ is AFFLUENTIAL™'s proprietary data repository.
DATAVAULT™ offers a superior user experience, advanced functionalities to browse AFFLUENTIAL™ data products and deep dive into our data through clear visualisations. Clients can further save their findings and disseminate them across the organization.

DATAVAULT™ provides insights for faster decision-making and accessible 24/7.

Insights Engine™

Personalise AFFLUENTIAL™ Data

Affluential Suite Insights Engine

The Insights Engine™ sits at the heart of DATAVAULT™ and allows clients to customise, interact, and download AFFLUENTIAL™ data.

Subscribers can personalise their data views and use the insights engine to find answer to their most pressing business questions. Insights Engine™ is powered at the backend by our team of data scientists and analysts.


AFFLUENTIAL™ Digital Luxury Community

Affluential Suite DATAVAULT

LuxeTalk™ is our proprietary digital luxury community built over the last 10 years with thousands of emerging affluent, affluent, high-net-worth (HNWI) and ultra-high-net-worth consumers (UHNWI) across 38 markets and growing.

LuxeTalk™ members engage in conversations about luxury and highend brands, products, and services thatbuit they are passionate about. They are consumers and influencers in all parts of brand decision making, and given their purchasing power, they cannot be ignored by marketers.

AFFLUENTIAL™ Advanced Analytics

Affluential Suite Insights Engine

The team works across Deeper analytics engagements for clients wth over 500 successful user case experiences. The team also develops the AFFLUENTIAL™ Luxury Brand Affinity (ALBA) score, an authoritative ranking of premium and luxury brands for 12 different metrics which is highly recognized by global media and industry.

ALBA score is available for 15 global markets and clients can leverage the A teams capabilities to uncover additional insights on your brand performance across different markets and consumer segments.

Other solutions offered by the A³ team include:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Customer Experience
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