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If businesses operated the way our gov does, all businesses would fail. Bill in which I had to pay into this bill. Got out in 1992 and about 5 years later I recieved a letter from the government saying I forfeited my money for not using it in their timeframe.

It was also imperative to enhance the internal control mechanisms and update the existing financial rules and regulations and procurement procedures. He trusted that the Secretary General would expeditiously take all necessary measures to clarify the alleged wrongdoings and hold those found responsible fully accountable.The representative of the United States,
Stargate Universe Season 2 DVD Box Set, which holds the Council’s rotating presidency for the month and had requested today’s meeting,
The Fast and the Furious Complete 1-4 DVD Box set, urged the Council to keep in mind that the issues of waste, fraud and abuse in peacekeeping procurement were not simply about dollar figures. Corruption and mismanagement could greatly hinder the ability of a particular mission to carry out its mandate effectively.

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