Singapore showcases startups at SXSW

The regulator and promotor of Singapore’s digital sector, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), has been showcasing eight Singapore-based technology startups at South by Southwest (SXSW), one of the world’s largest interactive festivals that has been taking place over the past few days in Austin, Texas. The startup innovations on show range across a number of areas, from mobile, 3D and security to sensory technology.

Here we take a quick look at the products and companies on show at SXSW: provides the world’s first DIY online survey platform to reach affluent consumers around the world. Developed by research firm Agility Research & Strategy to disrupt the market research industry, it enables clients to reach affluent panel respondents in over 20 markets in the local language.

In the age of Wikileaks and an era where privacy is key, helps users share their private and professional content safely, even after sending. Files are in view only mode and cannot be forwarded.  Files can be set to self-destruct and the statistics will show who viewed the content.

Through, Eco offers an innovative way to collect feedback and engage directly with customers. Customers can scan a QR code on their smartphones or dial a number to provide feedback on the product or service by text or voice. Data is pulled from rating sites and social media channels, creating a consolidated view for customer sentiments.

Gushcloud, an influencer network that executes advertising differently, helps brands connect to their audiences via influencers and the content they create on social media. Influencers are bloggers, social media influencers, celebrities, online publishers and YouTube channel creators.

An innovation previously featured in DQ Magazine is EyeFly 3D by Nanoveu. Using nano film structures, Nanoveu’s first breakthrough product, EyeFly3D, delivers distortion free 3D videos, photos and games on smartphones and tablets.

RecordTV allows consumers to record broadcast TV shows using any Internet-connected device – an iPhone, SmartTV or a laptop. With virtually unlimited storage, consumers can record thousands of TV shows, and are guaranteed they will never miss a show again.

TouchPico by Touchjet is an all-in-one gadget that turns any surface into a giant touch screen for Android apps.  The portable projector uses infrared detection technology to track the stylus for controlling and interacting with apps.

Zensorium offers an innovative, easy-to-use sensing solution for fitness and relaxation to track a person’s lifestyle.  Their product, Tinké, measures blood oxygen levels, respiration rate, heart rate and rhythm of your heartbeat within seconds.

“We are happy to showcase a strong line up of some of the great tech product startups being built in Singapore,” said Steve Leonard, Executive Deputy Chairman of IDA. “All parts of our ecosystem including investors, corporate partners, universities and the Government are actively working to ensure Singapore is a great place to create and build high-growth tech product startups.”

As the government agency charged with building Singapore’s technology industry, IDA is looking to excite the startup ecosystem in Singapore through three key initiatives: IDA Labs, Accelerator and Accreditation. IDA Labs provides the physical environment for Singapore-based innovation-driven tech startups and talented entrepreneurs to imagine, build and experiment with ideas, supporting them from the idea to commercialisation. IDA’s Accreditation programme provides young and promising tech startups the credentials that will speed up their go-to-market strategy and secure customers and partners.

IDA and its investment arm, Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL), are exploring partnerships with overseas professional accelerators to set up accelerator programmes in Singapore.  These influential accelerators will not only bring their experience, high quality mentor network and overseas market access expertise, but also attract top entrepreneurial talents from all over the world to build their ideas and set up their startup business in Singapore. A strategic partnership has been made with Asia’s leading startup business accelerator, Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia), to run accelerator programmes for innovation-driven tech startups based in Singapore.

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