Top 10 in Global Luxury Research Firms list

Singapore-based company breaks into Top 10 in Global Luxury Research Firms list

Affluential is proud to be the only Asian firm listed with long established giants in a list by Agence:Luxury, a digital branding and content marketing agency. The list looks at the Top 10 Luxury Research Firms with capabilities in understanding affluent consumers ( ( is the World’s first “do-it-yourself” online survey platform that reaches Affluent consumers across 20 major economies around the world. This platform is built by Agility Research & Strategy, Asia’s leading research firm that focuses on the Affluent and Emerging Middle Class consumer.

Imagine, if you are a marketing manager, media planner, business owner or a consultant sitting anywhere in the world with a need to access insights on Affluent consumers. With existing solutions in the market, your only option is a lengthy and expensive custom (offline) market research study. provides you with a unique access to Affluent consumers. These are the Influential Affluent – a major segment for brands and marketers to target. Access to these consumers is difficult and the process is expensive and lengthy. Affluential recruits them through tie-ups with luxury publishers, credit card and frequent flyer top tier programs, country clubs, CEO organisations referral campaigns, and through partnering with financial services. Once recruited, the panel members undergo email verification, duplicity check and digital fingerprinting at the time of registration to ensure quality. Strict guidelines from ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) are followed to ensure quality. Affluent consumers want to be heard and love to closely interact with luxury/affluent brands of their choice. They also earn points for each survey in which they participate which in turn are redeemed for charitable donations, cash payments or a variety of gift cards. This is how brings about quick, accurate and simplified research at your fingertips.

The team behind has spent significant time and resources in building a 38 million affluent respondent access from around the world and can be filtered and selected using income levels by country. brings these global panels to customer’s fingertips through a number of easy to use features.

Through custom questionnaires, rich charts, language capabilities, stress-free payments and expertise of consultants – helps the clients reach out to Affluent consumers without any hassle. Other features of include quick survey building with easy to use templates, full language translation capabilities in built in order to target respondents in their language and free knowledge and data systems for 12 months. was launched to a global audience representing over 500 brands at the TFWA World Exhibition at Cannes in October 2013. Following this, it was introduced to the audiences from Europe, US and Asia at the prestigious International New York Times S.E.A of Luxury Conference 2013. was also featured at the Eye for Travel’s Social Media and Mobile Summit 2013, SXSW Interactive 2014 in Austin, FT Luxury Summit 2014 in Mexico, China Luxury Summit 2014 in Shanghai and ad:tech ASEAN 2014 in Singapore.

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