-Insights & Analytics Consulting


We rigorously analyse data patterns and market factors to uncover your brand’s unique challenges and opportunities, crafting bespoke solutions and strategies. When we consult with you, we don’t just deliver a report; we work together to implement our insights to help your business grow and remain competitive.

Ready to elevate your brand to new heights? Let’s work together to uncover your unique challenges and craft bespoke solutions that drive growth and keep you ahead of the competition.

“Working with AFFLUENTIAL was a game-changer. Their ability to gather affluent consumers’ insights in key markets boosted our brand’s sales through higher marketing spend ROI.” – Marketing Director, Global Insurance Brand, HK

-Strategic Sector & Category Insights


Designed for premium and luxury brands seeking a profound understanding of specific market segments, we investigate sectors to discover growth levers, category niches, consumer psychology and competitive landscapes. Our approach involves analysing historical data and current trends, blending our proprietary information with macro trends to provide a comprehensive market view. We create strategic roadmaps for your brand that highlight unique opportunities aligned with your strengths and challenges, maximising overall market impact.


Bespoke analysis of data using various methodologies to highlight which trends are emerging, how this impacts behaviours and attitudes of consumers and translates to market value. We combine quantitative data with deep sector understanding to provide both a current snapshot of consumer psychology and motivations and how this translates into spending actions.

Dynamic dashboards that allow for continuous analysis and application of custom scenarios: we define which current market levers have greatest weight for your business, and what happens if these changes. Using a combination of brand, market, and consumer factors we can help you assess your strengths and challenges in a complex and evolving high-net-worth landscape and test potential hypotheses in real time.

Insights Engine™ - Interactive Analytics Dashboards

“The team at AFFLUENTIAL understood our business problem, sifted through complex datasets to filter out the noise and through concise dashboards, gave us the tools to make real-time, data based decisions across our various markets.” Marketing Head, Luxury Beauty Brand, Japan

Insights Engine™ - Interactive Analytics Dashboards


Our ‘Insights Engine’ features state-of-the-art interactive analytics dashboards, empowering your team to explore and interpret complex data in an easily digested and dynamic format. These curated views provide information for all scenarios, from high-level market understanding to granular consumer profiling, ensuring you can drill down into the data you need without requiring specialist skill sets. All of this is made possible through user-friendly, customisable dashboards designed by our team of Data Scientists.


We apply detailed text analysis techniques to open-ended descriptive and attitudinal responses to create a rigorous dataset and to create addressable consumer segments
within your market. We conduct factor analysis and other modelling techniques to ensure these segments are robust and significantly different to ensure they are an accurate reflection of the market.

We leverage these unique segments to gather robust quantitative data: define the scale and impact of these sentiments within the Affluent community and the impact to your business from addressing these.

Creating a bespoke dashboard for easy self-serve analytics: answer key changing questions and allow stakeholders within your business to share insights easily with colleagues and drill down into specific user group behaviours. We apply the segments defined by qualitative responses to quantitative behaviors in pre-built and customisable dashboards to get a full picture into how to win in your market.

Data Modelling + Predictive Analytics

Data Modelling + Predictive Analytics
Our Analytics Solutions

We take pride in our advanced models, which surpass traditional analytics. Our models can forecast future market conditions, predict consumer preferences, and identify the key drivers of business outcomes. To calibrate our models, we start with historical data and customise them based on your industry's unique characteristics. We then employ machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques to predict future trends and provide valuable insights, empowering your brand with the foresight to lead and innovate.

Our approach: Agility Brand DNA / diagnostic metrics

Our Brand DNA index is comprised of 3 core areas: your market, your consumers / potential customers and external market forces.

For each of these areas we have identified the key metrics that move change, weighting these per market and geography to distil complex analytics into an easy-to-understand score for how your brand is performing, and how your market is changing over time. Extrapolating historical behaviours with motivations gives you the tools to stay competitive. Within your market we take into account your share of voice, share of wallet and sentiment towards your brand. How do consumers feel and what does this mean in terms of their actions?

Among consumers we profile their overall confidence in spending, what they expect changes to be and overall loyalty to your brand and others.

Factoring other external forces such as geopolitical confidence, local and international spending and macro trends around hedonistic and altruistic spending give context for each geographical market you operate within and those you don’t.

We take these scores, which show how aligned your brand is with the hearts and minds of consumers, and prepare tailored insights into what actions you need to take to stay top of mind, and top of wallet for your market. Driven by attitudes, backed up with behaviours, understand key segments within your market to ensure you stay on top.