LuxeTalk™ is an invite-only community of individuals interested in sharing their thoughts on wealth and luxury. It comprises affluent, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth consumers from around the world, recruited through collaborations between luxury concierges, event companies, and media publishers.


Through the LuxeTalk platform, we can reach consumers in over 38 markets, employing various online and offline methodologies to understand their mindset, lifestyle preferences, and purchasing behaviour.

As we ensure that our affluent income criteria cover the top 25% of each market’s population, in many markets, we can confidently conduct robust studies with at least 300-500 HNW and UHNW millionaires (those with USD 1 million+ in investible assets).

In larger economies, we can reach individuals with AUM of up to USD 25 million+ for qualitative deep-dive studies.

We regularly engage with the LuxeTalk community to discuss luxury and high-end brands, products and services they are passionate about.

In return, they receive cash or other rewards or contribute to their favourite charity. They also get to shape products as they are being developed, impact advertising and marketing campaigns, and affect corporate decisions on the brands and products that they encounter in their everyday lives.