Explore the burgeoning Indian Luxury market with TrendLens™ India 2024 

India’s luxury market is poised for unprecedented growth, projected to expand 3.5 times its current size by 2030. This surge is powered by an increasing number affluent and high-net-worth individuals and a burgeoning middle-income class.

Our latest TrendLens™ India 2024 study is based on 500 interviews, completed in March this year, with affluent Indian consumers, including 150 millionaires, across major Indian cities, anchoring our findings in real-world perspectives. This research unveils key insights:

  • India’s affluent consumers are globally the most optimistic in 2024. 
  • Young affluent and HNW Indians show a strong inclination towards increased luxury spending. 
  • Indian luxury consumers prefer vibrant and bold luxury statements, diverging from global trends towards subtlety.
  • Despite economic fluctuations, there is little indication of a consumer downgrade among India’s affluent. 
  • The beauty sector has nearly doubled its share in the expenditure of affluent Indians, becoming one of the fastest-growing categories in luxury.

TrendLens™ India 2024 is an essential resource for premium and luxury brands seeking to navigate the evolving Indian market.

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