2023 – It’s a wrap!

Collecting our thoughts as we take stock of the year it feels like time has literally flown by. The last twelve months have seen us navigate through very choppy and challenging times. Against a backdrop of geopolitical issues, slowdowns in certain economies like China, volatile financial markets and currency fluctuations, luxury and premium brands have had to be on their toes to keep ahead of the curve across many categories/industries we work with.

Our teams have been working closely with our clients to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors and maximize ROI on their marketing and insights budgets.

2022 was a great year and many brands expected the same for 2023, however this did not pan out for some sectors with many having to adjust to what is a new normal.  For us as a team we had to work harder to ensure we delivered meaningful insights to shape strategies for clients to grow in a hyper competitive market.
2023 - It's a wrap!

Our Luxury Leader Roundtables held across, Singapore, Paris, London, Tokyo and this year saw us return to Hong Kong post covid were great forums to have conversations around the challenges and opportunities faced by luxury and premium brands. These candid sessions held in closed door settings with senior executives provide us with a pulse of what issues brands face. Coupled with insights from our growing LuxeTalk™ community, a community of affluent HNW and UHNW consumers we have the unique advantage of keeping our pulse on the affluent and HNW consumer behavior across 35 markets.

2023 - It's a wrap!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Gen AI developments adopted by our data science team saw us turbo charge some of the vast data sources we cover to unlock winning insights for clients. We continue to build on our AI data spine as we combine it with our proprietary data sets covering over 11 years of data on consumers, markets and categories. In our experience AI is only as good as the data it sits on and in our case our data is gold.

Our AFFLUENTIAL TrendLens™ and WealthLens™ data and insights subscriptions continue to grow providing clients with 24/7 data and insights at their fingertips through our DataVault™ platform.

Our Europe Office and team continues to grow as does our Middle East coverage with our London and Dubai offices ramping up to serve clients across EMEA. We now are truly global in our coverage of all key markets with consultants and offices in key cities.

A market we start to do a lot more work for clients is India which has become a rising star, with a range of engagements from beauty to alcohol to auto taking up our project pipeline.

2023 - It's a wrap!

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